5 steps parents can take after a birth injury to help a child thrive

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2024 | Medical Malpractice

A birth injury is the last thing that a parent wants to experience. Going to the hospital to bring a new life into the world should end in joy and excitement, not grief. Unfortunately, thousands of families every year receive notice from medical professionals that something happened during the delivery process that led to a birth injury. The child that they just welcomed into the world may have serious medical challenges.

It is easy to catastrophize in such scenarios, but parents are in a position to help children with birth injuries thrive. The five steps below can make a major difference after a child’s birth injury.

Securing copies of medical records

As soon as Healthcare professionals indicate that something went wrong during labor and delivery, parents need to start gathering documentation. If nothing else, they need as much detail as possible to ensure they put together the best treatment plan for their child.

Being proactive about care

Many birth injuries, like Erb’s palsy, may require intervention while a child is still an infant. Instead of delaying treatment to see if a child grows out of their injuries, parents may need to make a point of securing treatment as soon as possible. Despite the likely expenses involved, pediatric care for birth injuries can improve a child’s prognosis.

Getting support for the parents

Many new mothers find birth injuries scenarios to be quite traumatic. They might develop symptoms of mental health challenges due to what occurred or the pressure on their family after the child’s birth. Parents who receive proper social and psychological support when adjusting to a child’s birth injury diagnosis may have an easier time meeting the child’s needs.

Reworking the long-term family plans

The adults in the family probably need to make some major adjustments to their expectations, especially if the birth injury could produce lifelong symptoms. From changing the house where the family lives to a more accessible space to deciding to have one parent stay home as a caregiver, there are many changes that can make it easier to provide the child with the support they need without causing consistent stress for the rest of the family.

Pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit

Some birth injuries occur due to unusual circumstances. Others are fully preventable if health professionals properly monitor the situation and intervene appropriately. When the professionals assisting a birth do not conform to current best practices, they could be liable for the harm caused by their mistakes or negligence. Pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit gives the family the resources necessary to meet a child’s needs, possibly including the cost of having a parent stay home with the child.

Getting the right support, including financial compensation, may benefit those affected by birth injuries caused by medical malpractice.