Louisiana OB-GYN Malpractice Attorneys For Medical Negligence During Pregnancy And Birth

Welcoming a new child into your life and family is supposed to be a magical time. When medical mistakes happen at the hands and under the care of your OB-GYN during the course of your pregnancy or in the midst of the labor and delivery process, that magical time can turn into a nightmare. Since 1980, our medical malpractice firm, with offices in Shreveport and Lafayette, has been helping new mothers throughout Louisiana fight for financial compensation after medical errors or mistakes caused damages and injuries during pregnancy or birth.

Negligence And Malpractice During Prenatal Care

During a pregnancy, consistent monthly and even weekly routine medical care is the norm. Regular and frequent doctor visits are highly recommended, and various screenings are advised at different phases of the pregnancy. All of this continuous care centers around keeping the mother and growing baby healthy and safe. It also creates a lot of opportunities for mistakes to arise. Examples of negligent or medical mistakes that occur during prenatal care include:

  • Diagnostic errors: Delays in diagnoses or misdiagnoses during prenatal care can have devastating effects on the mother and her fetus.
  • Medication errors: An expectant mother has to be incredibly careful about taking prescription drugs during pregnancy and must rely on her medical team for the correct prescriptions and dosages of drugs.
  • Surgical errors: If complications arise during prenatal care or at the time of the baby’s birth, then surgery may be required, and any mistake could endanger the health and well-being of both the mother and the baby.

Medical mistakes made during prenatal care or during the labor and delivery process can have devastating consequences for not just one life, but two.

Potential Complications Resulting From Prenatal Medical Mistakes

Medical mistakes or negligence during prenatal care or birth can lead to several different kinds of serious complications, including:

Medical negligence can even result in the unnecessary death of the mother. When tragic mistakes happen during prenatal care or during the birth process, our lawyers at Nelson & Hammons, Attorneys At Law, can help you pursue a claim for medical malpractice and seek financial compensation for the damages caused by medical mistakes.

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