Medical Malpractice: When Medical Mistakes Result In Birth Injuries

When medical mistakes happen during the process of labor and delivery, they can result in permanent injuries. When you come to the realization that these injuries could have been prevented, it is devastating. Our team at Nelson & Hammons, Attorneys At Law, has been fighting for compensation on behalf of medical malpractice victims throughout Louisiana since 1977. From our offices in Shreveport and Lafayette, our lawyers help recover damages for medical negligence and mistakes.

Not Every Birth Injury Equates To Malpractice

Expecting parents always hope for a healthy child. In some cases, birth injuries cannot be prevented. The size and position of the infant during delivery can result in injuries that may not be avoidable. There are risks to both the mother and infant during childbirth. However, birth injuries caused by errors or poor judgment on the part of the medical team may be considered medical malpractice with legal rights for compensation for the child and parents.

Types Of Preventable Birth Injuries And Delivery Errors

For a birth injury to be considered medical malpractice, there must be negligence on the part of the medical team. When birth injuries happen as a direct result of poor planning, risky techniques or other errors in the delivery room, there could potentially be a finding of negligence. Some of these oversights or errors include:

  • Improperly using forceps or vacuum extractors
  • Neglecting to monitor or react appropriately to fetal distress
  • Poorly preparing for large infants or umbilical cord issues
  • Delaying the ordering of a cesarean section when needed
  • Prescribing the wrong medications or treatments for infections

If there is evidence and proof of negligence, the attending doctors, nurses and hospital may potentially be liable for medical malpractice.

Long-Lasting Injuries From Birth

Preventable birth injuries can have long-term effects on the child and parents. While some birth injuries may be minor and the child may recover fully, others can impact the health of the child for the rest of their life. Birth injuries that lead to conditions like cerebral palsy, brain damage from lack of oxygen and Erb’s palsy are permanent. The emotional, physical and financial impact of a permanent injury on a family can be devastating. Pursuing a medical malpractice claim cannot change the outcome of a birth injury, but it can help minimize the financial burden on your family and help your child get the medical care he needs.

Free Consultations From Louisiana Birth Injury Attorneys

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