Surgical Errors

Needing to have surgery can be frightening, but the hope of a positive outcome to correct a medical condition is often worth the ordeal. Surgeons can perform amazing feats, through surgery, that can be beneficial, but they can also make mistakes.

While surgery of any form can have risks, when errors occur during a procedure, which cause injury or harm to the patient, this can be a form of medical malpractice. It is important to know your legal rights to seek compensation due to injury from a surgical error, and whether you should pursue a medical malpractice claim against your surgeon or medical facility.

Surgery risks are always present and should be discussed with you before your surgery. However, adverse reactions or complications from a surgery are not necessarily errors, even if they cause injury or harm. Surgical errors are mistakes that should have been prevented through reasonable competence by a surgeon, the surgical team, and the medical facility. When a mistake is made, and it causes harm, injury, or death to the patient, it can be considered a form of medical malpractice.

Types of Surgical Errors

Thousands of people are harmed every year by surgical mistakes. Even a routine surgery can turn into a medical catastrophe if errors are made by the medical team. Some of the common surgical errors that result in pain, suffering, or injury to patients include:

  • Wrong-site surgeries (i.e. left kidney versus right kidney)
  • Wrong surgery/patient
  • Medical tools or equipment left inside the patient
    Anesthesia errors
  • Nerve or tissue damage due to errors
  • Improper incisions

These mistakes during surgery are preventable and are not generally among the expected risks of surgery. When negligence during the surgical procedure can be proven, and there was harm caused by the mistake, the patient has the legal right to pursue compensation for damages under medical malpractice laws in Louisiana. It is important not to wait – there are limitations on how long after a surgical error that you can file a claim for damages in Louisiana.

Experienced Surgical Error Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical malpractice cases are very complicated, especially with the strict laws in Louisiana that protect the medical community. Surgical errors are rarely admitted, and it can require extensive research and investigation to uncover the mistakes made by the surgical team. In the medical malpractice legal field, we, at Nelson & Hammons, have the experience you need when fighting for your rights, when a surgical error has caused you harm. We have over thirty years practicing in this intricate field of law.

When you or a loved one have been injured due to a surgical error that should have been prevented, you have the right to seek compensation. Let our team at Nelson & Hammons fight for your rights and investigate and pursue a medical malpractice case on your behalf. Contact us to discuss your potential claim at our Shreveport or Lafayette offices or fill out our online contact form, and one of our legal team will be in touch.