Deaths From Medical Mistakes in the U.S.

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In an interview, attorney John L. Hammons of Nelson & Hammons Attorneys at Law, sat down with the Executive Producer and Host of Insider Exclusive, Steve Murphy, to discuss deaths that are caused by medical mistakes in the United States.

In 2013, the prestigious Journal of Patient Safety published a study that as many as 440,000 patients die each year from preventable medical errors. This means that medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States, behind heart disease and cancer, which is second. These people are not dying from the illnesses that caused them to seek hospital care in the first place, they are dying from mistakes that hospitals could and should have prevented to begin with.

Deaths From Medical Mistakes in the U.S.

What are these fatal errors?

  • Air Bubbles
  • Operation on the Wrong Body Part
  • Deadly Infections
  • Switching Feeding / Chest Tubes
  • Over- / Under-Anesthesia
  • Misidentification of Patient
  • Forgetting Surgical Equipment Inside Patient
  • Lost Patients (Those with Dementia / Brain Surgery)

While the numbers seem to vary, the fact remains the same. There are way too many innocent people dying each year from medical mistakes. Nelson & Hammons is committed to helping patients and families who are victims of medical malpractice and nursing home negligence to overcome these obstacles.

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