Deciding to pursue a medical malpractice claim is not a simple undertaking. If you or a family member have been injured due to medical negligence, asserting your right to seek compensation for your medical costs, lost income, and other damages is a complicated process. You need the assistance of a medical malpractice lawyer that can provide the knowledge, skill, and experience to improve your chance of success in this complex legal arena.… Read More

Before many major medical treatments like surgery, patients are required to sign a consent form to confirm that the patient understands what procedure will be performed, the risks and benefits of undergoing the procedure, as well as other treatment options. The medical consent form is designed to protect the physician, surgeon, and medical facility from liability while informing the patient or family members of the risks of treatments. However, signing a consent form does not take away your rights to receive treatment that complies with the applicable standards of care, or protect a medical professional from a medical malpractice lawsuit.… Read More

Any time a patient believes he has been injured because of medical negligence, errors, or mistakes, he may think he has a medical malpractice claim. However, pursuing a medical malpractice lawsuit is typically a long and expensive process. Not all injuries are significant enough to warrant the time and money that would be required to hold a medical professional accountable.… Read More

When a misdiagnosis, medication error, or medical procedure is performed incorrectly causing injury, the patient suffers due to a mistake by a medical professional. However, although the patient is not to blame, most victims of medical malpractice wish there was a way they could have prevented it from occurring. There are certainly some steps a patient can take to protect himself from being injured by some types of medical malpractice. … Read More

Nursing homes are intended to provide full-time medical and personal care for those who cannot care for themselves. This is an important responsibility, both to provide the care needed and to prevent any harm or injury to the patients. When a nursing home injury occurs, it can often be due to poor planning or negligent care on the part of the facility’s administration, management and healthcare team.… Read More

When a child is born with a birth defect, parents want to know the cause and if the defect could have been prevented. In some cases, the answers may lead to a medical error by a physician that was a contributing factor in their child’s birth defect. If this is the case, it may be possible to file a medical malpractice claim and then a lawsuit against the doctor responsible for causing or contributing to the birth defect.… Read More