When we fall ill, we visit one or more doctors for diagnostic testing. The waits can be long, the chairs can be uncomfortable, and the face time with the doctor can be short and stressful. But we attend these appointments in good faith so that the doctors will accurately tell us what is wrong. Doctors, on the other hand, work incredibly long hours, often on their feet, in order to treat as many patients as possible. They intend to do what is right for their patients, but sometimes they make mistakes, and a missed, or delayed diagnosis can be the result. It is rare, but it happens more often than most people think.… Read More

If you watch an episode of a medical drama where a scalpel gets left in a patient, you may not properly understand what your rights are when you go to the hospital for surgery the next day. You can be left wondering, when it comes to the law in Louisiana, what does medical malpractice mean?… Read More

“Dr. William J. Erwin failed to comply with the appropriate standard of care for an OB/GYN in the year 2007, and as a result, Rebecca Gatti, a newborn baby girl, suffered severe brain damage which is lifelong and irreversible.”… Read More

Every day, somewhere in America, more than 300 innocent men, women and children become victims of medical malpractice at the hands of incompetent and negligent doctors, maybe just like your own family doctor, and end up either dead or permanently injured.… Read More

Emma Mejias died a horrible and painful death, on her very first Christmas Eve in 2004, at the hands of 25 doctors and nurses, another victim of medical malpractice. All 25 of them systematically and willfully ordered and administered the wrong drugs for her life-threatening condition called SLOS (Smith Lemli Opitz Syndrome).… Read More

When it comes to compensation for the victims of medical malpractice and nursing home negligence , the cards are stacked against them in our state. Doctors, hospitals, nurses, nursing homes, and other healthcare providers are given an extraordinary level of protection in Louisiana.… Read More

In an interview, attorney John L. Hammons of Nelson & Hammons Attorneys at Law, sat down with the Executive Producer and Host of Insider Exclusive, Steve Murphy, to discuss deaths that are caused by medical mistakes in the United States.… Read More