About Our Firm

Nelson & Hammons is a Louisiana medical malpractice law firm, and its attorneys have championed the rights of victims of medical malpractice for over thirty years.

Nelson & Hammons was formed in 1977 by Sydney B. Nelson and John L. Hammons. Presently, the firm includes John L. Hammons, Cornell R. Flournoy, and William W. Murray, Jr. who all focus on handling medical malpractice cases. Clients benefit from the experience and energy of every attorney because all three attorneys work together as a team as they pursue each case. Members of the firm are active in professional and civic activities and participate in continuing legal education seminars pertaining to their field of practice.

The area of medical malpractice includes negligence by doctors, nurses, hospitals, and nursing homes. Nelson & Hammons is committed to providing professional guidance and representation, as well as obtaining fair compensation for those patients, and their families, who have been seriously injured as a result of substandard medical care. With all four attorneys handling medical malpractice and related matters, Nelson & Hammons is specially situated to thoroughly investigate and effectively handle such cases.

In order to better assist people throughout Louisiana, the firm has two offices. The principal office is located in a three-story building one block from the courthouse in Shreveport. The second office is located in the heart of Lafayette. With in-house registered nursing expertise and professional relationships with physicians around the United States, Nelson & Hammons is uniquely positioned to handle claims of malpractice victims. While many lawyers “advertise” medical malpractice, few, if any, emphasize this area of practice, as does Nelson & Hammons. For more information or a free consultation, contact us today.