Nursing homes are intended to provide full-time medical and personal care for those who cannot care for themselves. This is an important responsibility, both to provide the care needed and to prevent any harm or injury to the patients. When a nursing home injury occurs, it can often be due to poor planning or negligent care on the part of the facility’s administration, management and healthcare team.… Read More

When a child is born with a birth defect, parents want to know the cause and if the defect could have been prevented. In some cases, the answers may lead to a medical error by a physician that was a contributing factor in their child’s birth defect. If this is the case, it may be possible to file a medical malpractice claim and then a lawsuit against the doctor responsible for causing or contributing to the birth defect.… Read More

It can be heartbreaking to find out your loved one has been injured, especially when you sought professional care for his health and welfare. For the elderly, this professional care often comes from nursing homes which are given the responsibility of providing care and protection for their patients. If your loved one is injured through carelessness or neglect in a nursing home, you may have a situation that should be investigated.… Read More

Delivering a child can be one of the most impactful moments of your life. Even with the pain and discomfort that accompanies childbirth, it remains a beautiful and exciting event. While every pregnancy and delivery come with some risks for the expecting mother and child, many of these can be mitigated by an experienced medical team. Unfortunately, in some cases medical mistakes are made that can affect the health of the child, causing a birth injury.… Read More

Medical malpractice attorneys are experts in helping their clients obtain compensation for injuries from doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare professionals that have caused them harm during medical treatment. At Nelson & Hammons, we are honored to help our clients get the compensation they deserve using the many skills we have as experienced medical malpractice attorneys. Here is a quick overview of what we do and how we help victims of medical malpractice.… Read More

Medical malpractice comes in many shapes and forms. From misdiagnosis and mistreatment to surgical errors and patient-care negligence. When a patient is harmed due to any act or omission of duty by a medical professional who deviates from normal practice, they may be a victim of medical malpractice.… Read More